Day Job hour list
(LibreOffice Calc document)
(Google Sheets document.
To use it: File > Make a copy
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The Freelance version is just a minimal version of the Day Job one. Here's an image of the Freelance version.

I've been an avid user of precise hour lists for over ten years now. Having great statistics of where my time is spent is a great satisfaction for me.

My hour lists have gotten quite complicated over the years and so I decided to share what I use currently. Hopefully it's of help for somebody :)

License is CC-0, public domain. Feel free to modify it and/or spread it around.

- Manu Järvinen,
For extra minimalism, turn off:

View > Column & Row Headers
View > Formula Bar
View > Toolbars > Formatting
You may need to change the LibreOffice Calc Language settings by going to:
Tools > Options > Language Settings > Languages

You can unfreeze the top to rows by going to:
View > Freeze Cells > Freeze Rows and Columns
Extra information for adding more day types (advanced):
- The Day type config settings are in the config tab.
- Data → Define range... should be used for defining the range for day_type (which is the range that's in use in Data → Validity. One of the Day type cells needs to be selected.)
- Select one of the Day type cells and go to Format → Conditional Formatting → Condition... in order to add new formatting stuff there.
- Copy the modified 'Day type' cell over the old ones (use Paste Special... to not override the formatting, like the borders)